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About Us

What better way to support our young people and the communities they reside then by helping them to help themselves? Let's face it, no one person or

organization can support all the needs of a community. However, what we can do is give the support we are capable of giving no matter how large or how small.

"Secure Your Future"

Our Goal:

To help create the vision of opportunity with the foreseeable ability of execution for all young people who participates in our programs along with the help of parent, neighbor, and local businessman.

Through each program of People Helping Our Youth Everyday,

we intend to encourage positive development and acceleration of

self motivation for our most at risk

young people beginning with our first graders and continuing throughout middle school By concentrating on the self worth of the individual and encouraging a socially acceptable behavior through exposure of reading, travel, proper forms of etiquette, as well as an appreciation of citizenship through patriotism, we believe these young people will prove to be some of Americas most progressive youth.


  • Live unselfishly to teach our children
  • Believe in our children before they succeed
  • Help our children accomplish their dream

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to bring the joy of learning to the

minds of children who enter into our programs; by introducing them to the positive aspects of this world while involving each child in the quest to learn; by allowing these young people to become aware of other environments, cultures, and languages;

by promoting the necessity of education, self worth,

as well as an appreciation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all through our unique format of mentoring.

We "Never" charge a fee for our programs or our Workshops or any public event such as Family & Friends Fun-Day @ The Park.

So sign your child up today to participate.

Winner of the 2014

Neptune Festival

Parade Sister City



To inform the public about who we are what we do and how we do it. while at the same time encouraging community involvement for our programs as volunteers, and surrogates. Through our Monthly News Letter, Summer Blast Festival , Black History Month Charity Ball, and Christmas Snowball we will spread the word about People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc.


Encouraging community involvement for our programs as volunteers, and surrogates.This program is designed to help people in targeted areas of various cities become focused on improving the quality of their lives and especially their children through the Seven Objective Stage.

The heart of the organization is centered around this initiative. R.E.A.D. : Reading Equals Amazing Dialogue. A child who can read is a child that can learn. there is no greater evidence for the success of eduction than a childs ability to read with comprehendsion 


Its purpose is to help build strong readers and to help make learning interesting and exciting for the children who enters our learning programs.

Lifting Them


The sole purpose of this program is to build, promote, and generate a greater self-image by building self-esteem and helping each young woman to learn how to love herself.

  • We teach "Service to Others" as the ultimate goal of humanity.
  • passing out weekly meals directly on the street to our homeless friends is the grass-root of Friends In Need
  • Community Circle of Support Dinners: Full course monthly hot meals distributed in designated area for our Friends In Need and their families.
  • Annual School Supply Distribution
  • Supporting local grass-root organizations in their aid to help our communities.
  • Annual Holiday Meals for our Friends In Need
  • Supplying clothing (especially socks) for our homeless friends living on the streets.
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6525 Clemson Ave

Norfolk, VA 23518

(757) 977-5339


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