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People Helping Our Youth

 Everyday, Inc.

Our programs are designed to encourage participating children to perform as progressive and productive citizens

with a goal to help others less fortunate than themselves; Become good citizens with purpose by following the

Seven Objective Stage.

These objectives exist within our programs

Lifting Them Up, Global R.E.A.D. Initiative,

F.I.N. (Friends In Need) 

Dream The Impossible Dream

It is believed, within the Seven Objective Stage, that a child’s ability to dream also empowers them to strive for better options in life. We believe that by exposing these children to other people, places and things will open a child’s ability to view themselves becoming remarkable human beings.

People Helping Our Youth Everyday,Inc.

The organization consist of Programs and Workshops supporting the overall well being of children ages six through 18 years old.

 R.E.A.D. Initiative

Our goal is to bring the joy of learning back to America's Urban & Inner City children, by focusing on the joy of reading.

A Child that can Read is a Child

that can Learn


  • To broaden each Child's horizon by exposing him/her to new experiences, people and places.
  • To develop awareness in each child of the world around him/her and of his/her responsibility to it by interrelating subject matter with person experience.
  • To help each child think critically and keep an open mind rather than react aggressively to people and situations.
  • To arouse each child's motivation so that he/she becomes personally involved and interested in pursuing their positive dreams and goals for their lives.
  • To help each child develop new patterns of thinking which will be reflected in changes in attitudes and behavior.
  • To help each child with positive reinforcement and not think in stereotypes
  • To help each child communicate by developing the ability to express thoughts both orally and in writing.

Change your behavior, adjusts your attitude, and learn from those around you.

These are the attributes we project.

"Secure Your Future"



Each On

Help One

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